Republicans Call Obama a Chimpanzee, Again, Blame Liberals, Again


    Not for the first time, a minor-league Republican official has gotten in trouble for posting a racist meme about President Obama on social media. And not for the last time, the Republican officials in question have relied on the oldest excuse in the (Face)book: hackers made me do it.

    Yes, as everyone knows, the liberal media’s secret team of elite hackers spend their days trolling the Internet, constantly searching for the passwords to unknown Republican politicians’ Facebook profiles. As everyone knows, those liberal hackers will do anything to make Republicans look racist.

    The latest iteration of this tired story comes from Delta County, CO. Linda Sorenson, the chair of the local Republican Central Committee, allegedly posted a meme of Ronald Reagan bottle feeding a chimpanzee with the caption, “I’ll be damned… Reagan used to babysit Obama!”

    Perhaps Sorenson thought no one would notice. Today, there are about 100 billion searches every month, while social media sites and blogs reach eight out of 10 American Internet users and account for 23% of all Internet time. But although the sheer volume of content posted daily online might offer some level of anonymity, too many people forget the most basic rule of the digital age: the Internet never forgets.

    racist obama meme reagan chimp

    Although the image appeared on Sorenson’s personal Facebook wall, Republican vice-chairman Vic Ullrey told the Grand Junction Daily Sentinel.

    “This whole thing is a hoax. Someone got into the Facebook somehow,” Ullrey said. “It was hacked and somebody got into it, definitely.”


    But why would someone target the Delta County chair’s personal Facebook wall?

    “I have no idea,” he said. “Just to damage the Republican Party, no doubt…Just to make us look bad.”

    Of course, Sorenson herself told the blogger who broke the story that the post was just mean to be a joke and that she didn’t care if anyone was offended by it.

    Image Source: Bernard DUPONT