Rashida Aisha Ali Releases New Book titled “To Wait For Love Is...

Rashida Aisha Ali Releases New Book titled “To Wait For Love Is Just To Waste Your Life Away”


Atlanta, Georgia – Nationally Acclaimed Author Rashida Aisha Ali release new book titled “To Wait for Love Is Just to Waste Your Life Away” Poetic Expressions of Unrequited Love.

About: Author Dr. Rashida Aisha Ali is an author, artist, educator, and philanthropist who lectures catering to male and female audiences, conducting workshops, seminars, and symposiums on women and men related topics such as health and wellness, natural healing with alternative approaches, sexuality, male/female relationships and matters relating to the spiritual and metaphysical realm.

She is a poet and author of several books on spirituality, health, romance and lyrical verse including Inner Sanctum, The Highest Joy, A song For You, The Healing Power Of God and Music Color and Medicine-A Healing For The Nations, Lyrical Butterfly (anthology) and Louisiana Lynching (biography).

Her credentials include Doctor of Divinity, Doctor of Metaphysics, Master Herbalist, and a member of the Grand Lodge of The Ancient Mystical Order Rosae Crucis.

The book has received rave reviews from a cross section of the community from such esteemed readers such as Gladys Marie Preshenda Muhammad, PhD, Robert L. Dunn Jr, SM Sgt. USAF (Retired), and Violette L. Meier, author of Ruah “The Immortal”

“Vivid storytelling…Ali narratives,,, and discovery is “Breathtakingly Beautiful,” a matter of application, self-analysis, and personal experiences…told with unselfish truth and peaceful grace through the innocent face of a girl…whose strong and pure thoughts about love…is passionately carved through layers of poetry and “love letters”…Made me cry and her journey lead me faithfully on the most powerful path of all…”Learning to truly Love Yourself.”

Gladys Marie Preshenda Muhammad, PhD, Doctor of Philosophy in Advanced Studies in Human Behavior and Human Studies, Master of Arts in Social and Cultural Pedagogy, Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and International Affairs, Fourth-Generation Storyteller, Award-Winning Poet, and Cultural Revolutionary

It has been an honor, privilege, and pleasure to take an extraordinary journey into the mind of Rashida Aisha Ali through the remarkable and mesmerizing literary work of ‘To Wait For Love’. From inception to completion the poetry and personal heartfelt love letters of unrequited love, from her memoirs are thought provoking as well as teasing, stimulating the brain matter and the heart to it’s very core. ‘To Wait For Love’ is creatively impeccably, outstanding, and beautifully composed, a must read for all genders in setting the gold standard to be truly loved unconditionally. Robert L. Dunn Jr, SM Sgt. USAF (Retired), MA Management, BA Criminal Justice and Psychology; AA’s Liberal Arts; Administration Justice; Criminal Justice

“To Wait for Love” is a potent confession of fragility and passion through poetry and tiny bits of prose. Tear inducing lines of wanting love, losing love, getting love, and learning to love flow through the entire volume. I enjoyed this book thoroughly and look forward to future works. -Violette L. Meier, author of Ruah the Immortal, VioletteMeier.com

“Love is the greatest force and power in the universe.  Love is an electrical, magnetic universal, unspoken word and feeling, a current that is shared by, and flows through all human kind.  The source and fountain of this divine essence emanates from the ocean of the great “I AM”. The pain of losing love is devastating, no matter how it is lost, through disagreement, through theft by another, or death, it seems not to matter the pain remains the same.  Each and every day, somewhere on this planet earth, murder and suicides occur as a result of unrequired love.

To Wait for Love is a non-fictional poignant narrative of the multi-facets of love between two individuals.  Th interactions are a whirlwind roman; full of passion, intimacy, joy, sadness, heart rending bittersweet accounts of love found and lost from the beginning to end.”  Rashida Aisha Ali

Dr. Rashida Aisha Ali speaks on Holistic Health and Wellness and Male & Female Relationships

To book Rashida Aisha  Ali for book-signings or speaking engagements contact House of Ra at 470.418.5988 or 404.966.0441.  To request bulk orders of books for your book club email House of Ra at venusra29@att.net

To order your copy(s) today log on to https://www.paypal.me/HouseofRaBooks $20.00 per copy.

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