Oregon Fraternity Takes Idiocy, Entitlement to New Lows


    The platonic ideal of entitled fraternity behavior has been found, unfortunately.

    Every few weeks another story breaks about white fraternities and sororities in the United States doing something incredibly dumb, racist, insane, or all of the above. And another recent story from the University of Oregon is the perfect example of the combination of drunkenness and entitlement that makes so many fraternities so toxic.

    In Redding, Northern California, at the popular Slaughterhouse Island near Lake Shasta, about 1,000 fraternity and sorority members from the University of Oregon and Lambda Chi Alpha left behind a truly absurd amount of trash. In fact, it took 25 workers from the U.S. Forest Service working for two days to clean up the half-mile stretch of beach.

    Partygoers left behind 100 tents, sleeping bags, discarded clothing, coolers, kegs, prescription pill bottles, and more. Videos and photos from the scene show forest workers loading up a boat with trash, while the beach is absolutely wrecked with tents and trash of every kind.

    “What was strange about this though is they also left a lot of personal items. There was close to 100 tents and sleeping bags, clothes, ice chests with food, alcohol, unopened packages of food,” Phyllis Swanson with the Shasta Trinity National Forest told Jefferson Public Radio.

    Image Source: Facebook, via Jennifer Vick Cox
    Image Source: Facebook, via Jennifer Vick Cox

    It’s yet another example of the entitlement within the country’s Greek system. Earlier this year, an Alabama sorority was busted for using a racist depiction of black Americans on an official T-shirt. The University of Oklahoma frat closed after members were seen gleefully singing a song about lynching black people at an official event. And that’s just to name a few incidents.

    Not only is casual racism endemic at many American frats, but many fraternity members are functioning alcoholics. Others are simply non-functioning alcoholics. Others, like the visitors to Lake Shasta’s Slaughterhouse Island, are simply idiots.

    Vice News recently reported on a massive study of Greek life, which found that alcohol use is so endemic to frat culture that even members who seek out treatment for alcoholism rarely to never succeed. Meanwhile, 20% of all college students meet the medical criteria for alcoholism.

    The Lambda Chi Alpha Twitter page directs users to an official statement on their Facebook page, but the Facebook page appears to have been deleted. An apology from the university stated, “The behavior that occurred is extremely disgraceful and not behavior we would ever condone or that aligns with the values of our organizations.”

    Here’s Lambda Chi Alpha in action: