New iPhone X Boasts Facial Recognition Software As Feature


    Apple has unveiled their next product idea for the iPhone, the iPhone X, which takes a dramatic leap to completely remove the home button and have it be an all-screen phone. Alongside this new phone design and reveal, it also showed off the new iPhone 8 and iPhone 9 Plus models, which don’t have the same radical changes as the iPhone X.

    The phone was announced by senior vice president of worldwide marketing, Phill Schiller, who took to the stage of the company’s new Steve Jobs Theater. The phone will cost somewhere around $999, and come with the company’s new iOS 11. It will also have new, on-screen, buttons and gestures to replace the standard physical home button.

    The iPhone’s new all-screen design leaves even less room for hardware like buttons and fasteners.

    Apple chief executive Tim Cook said: “This is the iPhone X. It’s the biggest leap forward since the original iPhone.”

    Instead of pressing a button, users will instead swipe from the bottom to get to the home screen and swipe and hold to multitask. In order to activate or “wake up” the device, users just need to tap the screen or lift the iPhone. The phone will also feature a new OLED Super Retina displace, that allows for Facial ID and recognition systems. The system is capable of identifying the phone’s owner from a 3D scan of the face in order to unlock itself. Otherwise, there is the standard option to just input a password or design.

    With all these features and the lack of physical buttons, one can assume that phone would have to be made of extremely small parts. Which means that they definitely had to switch their hardware and internal makeup, potentially switching to hi-lo screws, even. These screws are smaller than normal, with a reduced diameter, and a 30-degree thread that reduces material displacement. Apple can’t afford to damage parts and plastics when making a phone so small and complex.

    The iPhone X will be available for pre-order on October 27, and start shipping by November 3. There will be a 256GB storage option available at an increased cost, around $1559.54 or £1,149. It will also come in two colors: space gray or silver.