Interview With “The Pretty Girl Pillow” Creator, Ashley Turner

Interview With “The Pretty Girl Pillow” Creator, Ashley Turner


Ladies you know the feeling you get when you go and get your hair done at the hair salon? You walk out of there feeling like you are on cloud nine. Listen, no one can tell you anything honey, because you are looking good and feeling good. Later that evening, you get home and go to bed. You fall asleep on your arms, hang your head off the bed, and some of us just try to sleep on our face. The next morning you wake up and your hair looks nothing like it did the day before. Well, ladies guess what… there is something for that and it’s called the Pretty Girl Pillow. I know you are wondering what that is and I was wondering the same thing until I saw it. I said to myself, man why couldn’t I have had this before I went natural, but do believe… that I will be getting mine as soon as possible. I got a chance to sit down and speak with the owner and designer of the Pretty Girl Pillow and here is what she had to say.

Meet Ashley Turner, creator of the Pretty Girl Pillow. She has been married for 11 years and has four children (three sons and one daughter). The two most important things to her is Faith and Family. She loves fashion, décor, beauty, shopping and all things FABULOUS!

What is the Pretty Girl Pillow?

pretty-girl-pillow1-compressorThe Pretty Girl Pillow is a custom u-shaped satin covered pillow that preserves your pretty while you sleep. The Pretty Girl Pillow allows one to sleep comfortably and wake up with hair and lashes intact. As you know, sleeping on satin is like a breath of fresh air. The softness of the satin eliminates the friction you get when your hair and lashes rub against harsh fabrics. It allows your hair to retain its own natural oil and the shape of the pillow itself prevents bending and creasing of eyelashes which happens while sleeping on traditional pillows. The pretty girl pillow keeps your hair and lashes looking fresh between maintenance appointments.

So why did you come up with the Pretty Girl Pillow? Were you tired of your head hanging off the bed?

I invented the Pretty Girl Pillow because no one should have to compromise their sleep for beauty. Hanging off the bed, sleeping on your arm until it goes numb, jumping up in the middle of the night checking your lashes and making sure your hair is still intact is so wrong but I totally understand the struggle because I was once her. Not anymore because I have the Pretty Girl Pillow.

As a Black woman do you feel that we are making strides in Business?

ABSOLUTELY! There are black women around the world doing their thing. It is so inspiring to watch. I have friends that are successful business owners and have been for some time now. Watching them makes my heart smile. Black women continue to break barriers in EVERY industry and I am so blessed and honored to now be placed in a position to do the same.

Do you feel that the pretty girl pillow will help boost the self-esteem of the Black Woman?

Absolutely I do!!! You know that feeling you get when you leave the hair salon and you’re looking fabulous!!! When a woman feels pretty, everything about us changes… We get the attitude of “nothing and no one can stop me,” there is an instant boost in confidence, and we approach the day in a totally different fashion. Imagine waking up like this every day.

How is your product different from others?

I haven’t seen anything remotely close to the Pretty Girl Pillow. The Pretty Girl Pillow has a soft luxurious satin cover which helps with relaxation, the shape of the pillow enables you to completely lie down but it raises your head up just enough to keep from lying directly on your hair and lashes, and the faux down filling makes it comfortable to sleep on. These three components together make the pretty girl pillow amazing.

Why do you think that God gave you this idea?

I believe God gave me the idea because he knows that I am very passionate about the beauty industry. I love hair, color, funky cuts, makeup, skincare and I can’t live without my lashes. I was telling my husband not too long ago that I believed that I was supposed to be in the beauty industry. He looked confused and stated but you don’t do hair or anything of the sort. I shrugged and said, “You’re right,” but now I realize that the Pretty Girl Pillow is my way into the beauty industry.

Ok Ashley, so this is my fun question that I ask everyone. If you were a crayon which color would you be and why?

Purple… I say this because purple is feminine yet BOLD and Strong!!!!

When you were a kid did you want to be an entrepreneur?

No growing up, I always wanted to be in the medical field.

What would be your advice to another Black Woman who is thinking about stepping out and starting her own business?

Time waits for no one. If you feel that God has placed a business inside of you, he is going to direct you and give you everything that you need to birth it. It’s a faith walk but you can’t be afraid to fail… JUST DO IT!

What is Black Girl Magic to you?

Black Girl Magic to me is black women like myself, all ages, from different walks of life, pursuing our purpose and leaving our individual marks along the way.

How can people contact you for the Pretty Girl Pillow and what are all of your social media handles?

IG: @prettygirlpillow
FB: Pretty Girl Pillow

To hear more about Ashley and the Pretty Girl Pillow watch the interview on HUSH Lounge Media Presents: Let’s Talk with Heather Raquel on Friday 5.26.17 at 6PM CST.

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