Event Recap: The International Night Market Atlanta

Event Recap: The International Night Market Atlanta

A Celebration of International Culture


Atlanta, GA welcomed thousands to Northlake Mall over the weekend to enjoy this year’s International Night Market. It is a 3-day festival dedicated to the celebration of cultures across the globe. Attendees were encouraged to come out and enjoy music, purchase traditional goods, and taste the world!


Hundreds of vendors gathered under large tents and outlined the market in food trucks to display the beauty, food, talent, and art of their international cultures. Attendees were able to taste foods and drinks from Mexico, Jamaica, Peru, Vietnam, Puerto Rico, Thailand, The Bahamas, Indonesia, Colombia, Europe, Hawaii, and more. Many vendors provided free samples of their entrees, including Mexican corn, Vietnamese sushi, and Thai chicken. For those with strict vegan or vegetarian diets, over two dozen restaurants dedicated to the lifestyle attended serving entrees including Soul Food, Vietnamese, and Thai cuisine.


Attendees had a chance to cool off with a variety of specialty drinks, Italian ice, and alcoholic beverages. Businesses like Lemonade Mixology put their own twist to common drinks like lemonade and fruit punch, creating long lines of individuals anxious to taste. The center of the market catered to the 21+ crowd with a chance to try beer brewed in Europe, North America, South America, and the Tropics. Some vendors went as far as allowing guests to sample their piña colada served in whole pineapples, topped with a fresh pineapple ring and cherries. There were also samples of natural teas and juices made with fresh fruit from stands dedicated to the preservative-free lifestyle.


Dozens of vendors also presented their cultural wardrobe, paintings, jewelry, sculptures, and beauty products. A few provided samples of natural scents, body oils, and creams for patrons to try as they browsed the market. On the mainstage, artists and groups from various cultures performed, displaying modern and traditional dances, songs, and talents. The family-friendly event dedicated an area to the younger crowd filled with games, toys, bounce houses, and face painting.


If you didn’t make it this year, take a look in the gallery below and make your way to the International Night Market in Atlanta next year!