Historically Black College Hit With $55 Million Mold Lawsuit


    A historically black private college will likely have to fork over $55 million for class action lawsuit.

    Morris College, a private four-year college, is facing a major lawsuit after allegations of toxic mold infesting the dormitories.

    According to Watch Fox, the lawsuit states that mold caused several former and current students to be hospitalized. Some health issues were so severe that students had to drop out of school altogether. Charleston attorney, John Harrell is representing all five students who are filing the lawsuit, two of which are former students and three are current freshman living on campus.

    The lawsuit also states that there was toxic mold inside the walls, floors, vents, and ceilings, as well as defective electrical wiring and outlets, and an unhealthy level of moisture throughout the buildings.

    According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), 100% of all types of mold have the potential to cause some health issues. These issues can be minor to severe and even result in death in some instances.

    Morris College’s interim president, Dr. Leroy Staggers, issued a statement to the student body:

    Due to an emergency situation beyond the college’s control, a temporary on-campus relocation of some students is necessary for the safety of all students. The students affected by this relocation will be able to return to their original residence halls upon returning to school for the spring 2018 semester… I sincerely ask for your patience and understanding as we actively strive to address the current situation with a long-term solution.

    WLTX 19 adds that some of the mold issues date back to as far back as 2013.

    Other health hazards including clogged and leaking plumbing, insect infestations, and holes inside window frames, doors, and walls were also addressed in the lawsuit.