Help I Need a Fan: A Rite of Passage from Woman to...

Help I Need a Fan: A Rite of Passage from Woman to Goddess


Atlanta, Georgia – Help I Need A Fan is a non-fictional account of the author’s spiritual journey in the quest of divine purpose of menopause.  Her search for answers was extensive beginning with the plea to God as to His purpose for placing this awesomely taxing and sometimes debilitating trial upon the woman.  At this time over 50  million women from the baby boom generation are going through menopause at a rate of 4,000 per day.

From hundreds of interviews with menopausal women, through endless research along with actually experiencing for eight years this change of life, she was divinely inspired with answers as to why God placed this physiology into the woman, as well as the great reward and benefit that comes from going through this change of life or rite of passage.

This account focuses not on the ill-effects that woman experience during this climacteric change but conversely, the beauty and spirituality that emerges.  Help I need A Fan is about change, growth, renewal and transformation.   It is triple sex rated, laced with humorous anecdotes and moments of sensitivity.  It offers fresh new ideas and understanding of an age-old malady that leads to acceptance and peace of mind, body and soul.  The concepts rendered are refreshing, as well as empowering and leave the reader renewed and on a spiritual high!

This book Help I Need A Fan was first released in the city in which I live. I was fortunate to purchase a copy even before it was listed on Amazon. It is a woman’s book but I purchased it because the back cover stated triple sex rated and well….. You know how we guys are about that subject. Anyway, once I started to read the book I couldn’t put it down.

The topic Menopause was so interesting and the presentation was sexy, and funny and sensitive not to mention highly informative. Menopause is not something that men really know about so it was great to learn about this condition that affects women and has a rebounding effect on men. There is a chapter that I really found of use to men titled Divorce a Statistic of Menopause. It deals with husband’s lack of understanding as their wife goes through this change that oft time leads to divorce.

Another great aspect of the book is that it addresses how menopause affects the entire family and anyone else who comes in contact with this blazing inferno of a woman. With this information and understanding it is easier to cope with a woman in this delicate and difficult phase of life.

The best that the book has to offer in my opinion is that it really gives great advice for women as to why they even go through this process and the beauty and other wonderful benefits the come as a result. It puts menopause in a positive light as opposed to some dreaded final phase of a woman’s life. I rate it five stars and highly recommend it to women and men, young and old.

I picked up Sis. Rashida’s book to read while on a 4 hour plane trip and finished it prior to landing. Her writing was just so clear and straight to the point, interesting and funny. I was very impressed with her open and honest sharing of such intimate details in her life. As a Muslim I know that she is going to face a lot of criticism about her sexuality and her openness about it. So I truly commend her on her bravery to do so in spite of all that. I’d also like to add that even though I am not going through or even approaching menopause I found the book very insightful and educational. I would recommend this book to women of all ages but especially to women going through menopause or who have already. I think it will give them hope that the trails of this change in life will pass and that they are not alone. Even though I am several years younger than the author this is still a somewhat taboo topic. I have never heard such an open account of the symptoms and trials of menopause.

About: Author Dr. Rashida Aisha Ali is an author, artist, educator, and philanthropist who lectures catering to male and female audiences, conducting workshops, seminars, and symposiums on women and men related topics such as health and wellness, natural healing with alternative approaches, sexuality, male/female relationships and matters relating to the spiritual and metaphysical realm.

She is a poet and author of several books on spirituality, health, romance and lyrical verse including Inner Sanctum, The Highest Joy, A song For You, The Healing Power Of God and Music Color and Medicine-A Healing For The Nations, Lyrical Butterfly (anthology) and Louisiana Lynching (biography).

Her credentials include Doctor of Divinity, Doctor of Metaphysics, Master Herbalist, and a member of the Grand Lodge of The Ancient Mystical Order Rosae Crucis.

To book Rashida Aisia Ali for book-signing or speaking engagement contact House of Ra at 470.418.5988 or 404.966.0441.  To request bulk orders of books for your book club email House of Ra at

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