The Double Life of Plus Size Model Erica Patrice

The Double Life of Plus Size Model Erica Patrice


If you are bigger than a size 8, you are considered, “plus size.” Now if you have been over a size 8, pretty much, since middle and high school, you already know where this is going. I have the chance of knowing a beautiful woman, by the name, Erica Patrice,  who I got to share the summer with during an internship back in 2005 and this girl had nothing but curves and wore everything well. I watched her blossom over the years as we went our separate ways and with much excitement, I got to see her bloom into this beauty of becoming a plus size model. She gave me the insights on what it is like to live her fabulous, “Double Life.”

So, Erica tell me about yourself.  Who has Erica become?

I am an Engineer and a plus model, trying to show the world that you can be whomever, whenever you want! You truly only have one life, so “living it up,” is the name of the game. Before modeling, I knew I would be a model, I just needed to have my cards in order to do so. My parents wouldn’t allow me to model in college and said that I could do whatever I wanted when I made my own money. They hate it like hell when I tell that story over and over again, but I did exactly what they requested and now here I am. I made my own money, paid for every photo shoot and bundle of weave, literally paying my way through with no handouts. Modeling isn’t cheap at all…but it’s a labor of love. Having no regrets in my journey… I’m driven to keep doing amazing things.  

How would you define a plus size model?

Being a plus size model is someone who isn’t your typical 1990’s standard slim-line model. Many people fail to realize the average woman in America is a size 16. Plus isn’t a negative; it’s extra sexy, extra beautiful, and extra fabulous!  

Do you like using the term, “plus size model?”  If not, what do you use?

I personally don’t mind being called a plus size model. With anything, especially in today’s world, titles are constantly ostracized and challenged. I could care less…I’m plus size and fabulous. As long as the world knows I’m doing what I love, I don’t care.  

What was your ambition behind modeling?

Well at the age of 10, I was thrown into a fashion show hosted by my dad and his business partner that changed my life forever. I truly didn’t understand why I had to do the show, but something remarkable happened when the music turned on…it was my turn to slay. I remember people yelling and clapping like crazy…I was killing it! Every day, at the time I was being picked on at school and I had to fight but that one day on the runway … I was a model! That day birthed a desire in me that helped me to not care what people thought because I was the bomb! After that you couldn’t tell me nothing; I knew one day my moment was going to come.

As a black woman, can you describe the barriers that you see or have come across in the industry?

To be honest, my barriers have been trying to stand out since everyone favors a bit. Initially, I was worried about looking like everyone else but my style of walk and personality began to step out for me. Runway has allowed me to work with #AshleyStewart corporate, who wants nothing but the best on the runway.  

What social media platform(s) do you use to promote yourself as an influencer? Instagram and Facebook are the two major social media platforms I choose to use to promote who I am and inspire others. Instagram is the wide open platform that literally can touch millions of people and they can follow your journey respectively. Facebook is my more personal platform where I can share my work and ideas with family and friends. Both are excellent and you can grow and touch others around the globe. I also do a lot of hosting and interactive sessions with grade school students. My brand is an engineer and model, so I’m showing students that you can make your money and live your dream simultaneously. Life is too short not to do what you love. Feel free check out my IG @ThickModelChick and my Facebook at CurvyModelEricaPatrice.  

So for my last question…What is your guilty pleasure?

My guilty pleasure is shopping and cooking southern favorites. Oh my goodness…I (more than ever) love to shop for stuff! Clothes have always been my vice, but now I love decorative items, electronics, and grocery shopping for huge dinners for my family!

It was a pleasure getting to know the extra special details and taking the time out of her busy schedule to give me the scoop about the fabulous Erica Patrice.  Make sure to catch her on Instagram and Facebook and watch her #werk.

Follow Erica Patrice: IG @ThickModelChick and my Facebook at CurvyModelEricaPatrice.

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