Dear Black Women,


There aren’t enough words to describe how much you all have inspired me this year. Not just those in the national spotlight like Issa Rae, Solange, or Lena Waithe, but the everyday Black Women I’ve established relationships with over time. Whether through friends in common or meeting at a networking event, I’ve crossed paths with Black Women who were able to influence me with just a few minutes of conversation or a simple social media post. In 2017, I’ve witnessed so many of you leaving your 9-5s and stepping out on faith into your destiny. You’ve taken the initiative to establish yourselves as entrepreneurs and I am here for it.


I am constantly inspired by my people, but to see the women I can relate to shattering glass ceilings, breaking barriers, and creating paths for others moves me even more. You know how it feels to be considered the help, an afterthought, or the underpaid; but in 2017, I’ve watched you change that. You’ve obtained positions of authority that will heavily impact the future of millions. In spite of the “angry black woman” stereotype, you’ve managed to express your feelings unapologetically, without backing down. You’ve stood up for yourselves and others when no one else would. You’ve continued to show that you are truly the descendants of Queens in this world’s ancient history.


When 2016 statistics showed that Black Women were the most educated demographic in the US, publications were quick to debunk the stats. The gag was, they still failed to realize you’re successful without the numbers. You’ve always shown that multiple degrees, certifications, and business operations are obtainable while maintaining the duties of a mother, sister, aunt, Godmother, or cousin. The pressure often falls on you emotionally and often times takes a physical toll on the body, but you persevere. There is not a statistic or person in this world that can take away the natural strength, devotion, and intelligence you were born with.


As Black Women, you often catch hell because others believe you don’t support one another. While some choose to continuously push that narrative, I’ve seen more black women supporting and collaborating in 2017 than I’ve ever witnessed before. To see each of you in action over this past year was an absolute pleasure and inspiration. You were proud to display your achievements and never backed down from showing your losses and struggles the same. You let others see that you do get tired, make mistakes, fall short, but you always prevail. Understand, someone is watching, being moved, and chasing their dreams because you’ve encouraged them. Your hustle and unwavering strength is not only appreciated, but unmatched.


As if I wasn’t already proud to be one, this year was one of the biggest reminders of who I am, where I come from, and what I am capable of. Black Women, you all are a standard. You are THE standard. There is no one like you on this earth and that is your gift.


You are the visionaries.
You are the creators.
You are the source.


Thank you for being one of the greatest gifts to grace this earth.


With love,